Audition Advice 102

Audition Advice 102

Last month, I wrote an article about Audition Advice. We received a lot of good feedback on the post. Be sure to check out the comments for additional tips. I am planning on releasing my tips as a PDF document in the new year. I also wanted to draw your attention to some videos on this same topic that feature professors from Indiana University. We have previously featured “Kevin Bobo explains how to “play hurt” in an audition” from a video series called “Project Jumpstart Workshop: The Art of Winning Auditions” from February 8th, 2011. There are a couple of other videos from this series that I would also recommend. After you have some time to watch these videos, are there any other videos or resources that you would recommend? Let us know.

How to Prepare for Nervousness in Auditions

How to Face Rejection in Auditions


Originally posted on on December 21, 2012.

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