IronWorks CD Review in Percussive Notes

IronWorks CD Review in Percussive Notes

The Percussive Arts Society is the largest professional organization for percussionists. They society publishes 6 journals yearly and supports percussion education throughout the world. In the January 2012 issue of Percussive Notes, Darin Olson gave a great review on the new IronWorks Percussion Duo CD – I. Thanks to PAS and Darin for including our CD in the recent publication.

IronWorks Percussion Duo (Self-published CD)

Formed in 2006, the IronWorks Percussion Duo aims to expand the repertoire written for their medium. Attempting to explore new possibilities for the genre, the group began a composition contest in 2008. Through their debut recording, the duo brings two of the prize-winning works to life in addition to three other new pieces. The eclectic compilation makes use of unique instrument combinations. Well versed in both Western and ethnic instrument performance, the duo demonstrates creativity in combining the practices of various cultures.

Encompassing a variety of styles and unique instrument combinations, listeners have several quality options to appeal to their taste. The first movement of “Uncompression” by Ming-ching Chiu is reminiscent of multiple percussion works by Dave Hollinden. The two movements of Roger Pzytulski’s “Arc & Current” provide one rhythmic and one laid-back duo for steel drums. I was most drawn to “Volume” by Missy Mazzoli. The mixture of vibraphone, steel drum, tuned wine bottles, and kick drum creates a distinct sound palette to establish a series of relaxed grooves created through irregular
metric groupings.

The two remaining tracks were written by the duo members themselves: “Tribute” by Dave Gerhart and “A Cosby Sweater” by Axel Clarke. Seeing what IronWorks has accomplished in five years, one can only assume this is one of several quality recordings the duo will produce in years to come.
—Darin Olson

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